miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

What are your plans for this summer?

Why don't you apply for one of these immersion camps?

If you are a student of 5th, 6th of Primary or 1st of ESO, this is for you. Ask your teachers, they will help you complete the application form.

miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

Paleolithic and Neolithic Cave Paintings

These days we have been learning a lot of things about Prehistory and Ancient History. 
We like Prehistory very much, so we decided to create Cave Paintings during our Art Lessons.

These are the results:

We are Milagros and Elena. We are in the Romero Peña school. We will tell you how to make a Neolithic painting:

Materials: A card, some sand, brown paint, a paintbrush, a sponge, glue and crayons.

1-With the sponge and the brown paint paint the card.

2-Extend the glue with the paintbrush and glue the sand.

3-Leave to dry the sand and paint some figures like the people in the Neolitic.

And...Here is it your Neolithic paint!










lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014

Our first contribution to the blog.

Hi everyone!
Here are some messages from my pupils in the first year of ESO. As you can see, they have been working on "Daily Routines" and they want to share their projects with you. Will you also share yours?

We are Carmen, Berta and María José and we are thirteen years old.
This is a picture of our work. We found it fun and interesting. We have laughed a lot doing it.
It’s very easy to learn the daily routines.


Our names are Samuel, Juan, Juan Miguel, Raul Moreno and Tomas.  We are studying at Modesto Navarro high school. We are in the bilingual section. Now we are studying daily routines and verbs in the present simple. We found changing from primary to secondary school very weird but now we are adapting very well. A lot of us like English and other subjects too. Maria Jose teaches us English very well and sometimes translates things into Spanish. Anna Rose is also a very good English teacher.  Goodbye from Samuel, Tomas, Juan Miguel, Juan and Raul Moreno.

Hello! We are Rebeca,Javi,Julia,Fran and Gema.
We are 12 years old and we live in La Solana.
We study in 1º E.S.O. in Modesto Navarro's high school.  We are learning a lot of things such as present simple and new subjects such as social science and technology. Teachers here are funny and great but sometimes very strict.
In our class we have an English native, which helps us to learn English, she is very friendly and called Anna Rose.
A little bit about us:

-Rebeca plays the piano and the guitar in her free time. She usually goes out.
-Javi plays basketball and watches TV in his spare time.
-Julia plays the flute and she likes listening to music.
-Fran plays football and he often goes out .
-Gema plays the saxophone and the piano and she also enjoys going out.

We are students at the high school Modesto Navarro. We are in the European section. We like the bilingual section because we are learning a lot of English. Now, in English class, we are studying daily routines such as when we go to sleep, take a shower, have lunch etc... We are doing a project in groups. In our group there are five people:  Juan Luis,Raúl,Martín,Gregorio and I, Alejandro.
We are making cards and drawing pictures of the routines.

        Hi!, we are Cristina, Mari Carmen , Miriam and Alexandra. We are twelve years old. We are students at the Modesto Navarro high school. We are in the first year of the High School. We are in the European Section and we are thirty pupils in our class. In this photo we are working on our project . The project was about Daily Routines.
We like this blog. It is a good idea. Bye!!.                

We are Alicia, Keren & Clara. We are 12 years old. We are from La Solana. We study at the I.E.S Modesto Navarro.
We have represented what we do every morning.
Keren did the title and some drawings, Alicia stuck the drawings and wrote under them and Clara drew some drawings and cut them.
Doing the project was funny and we show how our mornings are.  

Hi! We are María Teresa, Ana María, Ángela, Noelia and Beatriz. This is our project on daily routines. We study at the Modesto Navarro high school. We study in the bilingual section and we are very happy. We enjoyed doing this project because it´s great and we have revised daily routines. Bye!

martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

We would like to know... (preguntas sobre el paso a Secundaria)

Some pupils are really AFRAID of the high school... Our level 6 students have some doubts about it. Juan José, a teacher at Modesto Navarro offered himself to answer their questions so... here they are!.
We will be waiting for your answers.

Algunos alumnos tienen MIEDO al instituto. Nuestros alumnos de 6º tienen algunas dudas con respecto al tema. Juan José, uno de los profesores del Modesto Navarro se ofreció voluntario a responder a las preguntas, así que... ¡aquí están! Esperamos tus respuestas.

1. How many subjects do you teach in English?

2. How many teachers are there in your high school?

3. Do Teacher behave well with you?

4.  How many excursions?

5.  Do you send a lot of homework?

6. Is the English class difficult?

7. How long will the classes last?

8. Will we play in the English class?

9. How many English subjects are there?

10. Will we work in groups?

11. What subjects will we have?

12. Will we take notes in science?

13. How much time will the classes last?

jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Hi everybody!

Thank you for coming to visit us at the Modesto Navarro school! I hope you enjoyed your visit, and I hope that we helped you solve your doubts.

Remember that you can ask us what you want to know about our school. My students can tell you about your first year in secondary school, too. Would you like to know about making new friends, for example?

Juan José

domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

The Wedding of Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain
Next month, students from 2nd of ESO will begin to study some of King Arthur and His Knights' legends. Last year we had a project in which we studied History and Archaelogy in a fun way.

What do you know about King Arthur and his Knights?

In this video, you can watch Tim Bowley, an amazing storyteller, telling The Wedding of Sir Gawain

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Some advice from students in year 10

Hi everyone!

Here are some messages for the school children from the students in year 10 GCSE (that is, the fourth year of ESO). I hope you will find them useful!

Juan José

P.S. I added a few more at the end (the last one on Monday 27th of January).


Hello, my name is Kati. I study at Modesto Navarro.
I'm in 4º A, of european section. I like this class so much. At the first, I have fear, but then, I like the european section, because my teachers encouraged me.
In the future, the european section is more necessary.

Hi, My name is David, I'm in fourth course of ESO, in the European Section.

If you like English, you should join to European Section, is a nice way of learn English, It's the hardest class, but you will have an advantage above the rest of classes.

You have to work hard the first year, because is the hardest one. Just study and do your homework, then, you will pass without problems.

Hello! I'm Laura and I'm studying 4th ESO in the European Section of Modesto Navarro. I advise you to come here because study subjects like maths, history, art, music, technology... in english would be very important for your future. Teachers will help you a lot in more or less everything, and don't be afraid, exams are not too difficult.

Hi! My name is Ana and I go to class 4ºA in European Section.
 I live in La Solana. I like english and science.

   I think that the first year is difficult because it is a big change from school to high school, you must study many hours if you want pass with a good mark.

Hello! I am José Manuel, a 4º ESO student. I entered in the european section for improve my English. The first year, you should pay attention in the lessons and ask all your questions because you will learn a lot and a very important thing: you must do your homework everyday.

Hello! I'm Raúl. I'm fifteen years old. I am in  4º of ESO in the European Section. I chose European Section because I think that English is very useful. I recommend you to pay attention in class and to take notes.

Hi my name is Domingo José and I recommend you that you should join to the European Section of I.E.S. Modesto Navarro, because is an experience that you should try. In fact, I was the two firsts years in not bilingual and was in other classes and it seemed Vietnam and the students were getting very bad marks. Only I and other two got good marks. So in the third year, I decided enter in bilingual because saw that the students (the majority) were good students of good marks. So if you can chose bilingual section, chose it please. Is a great form of learn and can be someone in the life.

Pd: my form of talk is a few colloquial because is in bilingual section two years so I have few experience than my friends.

Hi! My name is Irene and I´m 15 years old.
I´m studying in my forth year in bilingual section.
I study maths and history in english but in the last years I study more subjects in english such as music, art, technology, ...
When you come to high school the first course is normal that you decrease your marks because it is a change.
My advice is : you must study more than in the school and if at the beginning you don´t understand nothing, don´t get discouraged and go on.

Hello, My name is Jesús and I´m studying in the European Section of Modesto Navarro's High school.
I´m going to talk about my experience in this section:
I´m in the European Section because I like English. This subject is very useful
if you want to go away in the future for studies or for whatever you like.
At the beginning, English was difficult for me. I didn't understand what teacher said,
so I had to go to another academy. Affortunatelly, these problems dissapeared, and now
I am very proud for being an European Section's students.
I recommend you and i'm sure that you'll like it
Hi, im Daniel and I´m studying in Modesto Navarro and I´m studying at the bilingual section. I recommend you to study in English because in the future, it will be very useful for you.
Don´t be scared of studying in English, at the beggining, you won´t find problems to study in English, and with the pass of the time, you will improve your English.

Hello! My name is Cristina and I am fifteen years old. I study in the highschool IES Modesto Navarro. I am in fourth of ESO. When I started the highschool I was very scared because I don`t know if it will be difficult or not. Don´t be scared because the highschool is funny and you are going to learn lot of things. I remeber my first day in the highschool and It was fantastic!!! I knew lot of people and they are now my best friends. And teachers are very nice.
Don´t be afraid because the highschool is not as bad as some people say.

Hello My name is Jose Maria. Im in the fourth cours of Eso in the eurpean section. Like you I love english so I recomend you to get into the European Section. The first year in the High School is a bit difficult but if you study and do your homeworks you will do wonderful thinks. So I recomend you to study more in the High School

Hi , my name is Jose Angel and I'm studying at modesto navarro high school.
I choose bilingual section because I love english.
The people thinks that the high school is very difficult and It's very bad but  I don't think so , the high school is more funny that you think , you can meet a lot of people and also make more friends.
Also in the high school you can learn a lot of things.
Don't be afraid of the high school because it is very interesting. _____________________________________________

    Hello, my name is Jesús. I'm fifteen years old. I'm studying in the Bilingual Section of 4º ESO in IES Modesto Navarro. My favourite subject is Technology because its very interesting how to make technology cars or atractions.
          If you take the lessons in the European Sectioin, you won't have problems about speak or teach English.
         The first three or four months are terrible, but then, practising and practising, you will can speak, hear and writing it without problem. Also, is very sucesfull to take lessons in an English Academy, it will helps you

Hi, my name is Lari and I'm 15 years old. I am very happy in the bilingual class because I love English. I was very scared to start the secondary school because of  things I heard about it. But when I began the first class of ESO, it was easier than I thought. Later it became more difficult, so you don't have to relax in the second term. But when you get used to it, it's great!

Hi! My name is María and I attend to the  4th year of ESO in Modesto Navarro High School. My favorite subjects are Literature and History. Be in the european section is funny because you learn a lot of english. It is very useful for future and you will have many interesting experiences.

Hi! I'm Jesús and I'm studying at the european section in Modesto Navarro High School. When I was your age, I was so nervious because I didn't have friends at first, but as the grade continues, I made a lot of friends. So don't worry if you at first don't know anybody, because you will do it. Abaout the language... It's the same as in the school, don't be nervious about that. And the last thing: Enjoy it and study a lot, you will thank me for this!